Content & Calendar – Certificate in NonVerbal Communication

CourseProgram OverviewProfessor/Instructors
Course 0E-learning toolsDR. RAFAEL LÓPEZ
Mar 06 - Mar 13
Unit 1Use of e-learning tools.Javier Sanz
Course 1Fundamentals of Nonverbal CommunicationALAN CRAWLEY
Mar 13 - Apr 03
Unit 1Introduction to Nonverbal Behavior and Emotions.Dr. Rafael López
Unit 2Nonverbal Factor of Influence: Biology and CultureProf. Alan Crawley
Unit 3Basis of Nonverbal Behavior Analysis.Dr. Rafael López
Unit 4Computer Tools for NVC Analysis.Javier Sanz
Unit 5Nonverbal Behavior Analysis Matrix. Theory.Dr. Rafael Lopez
Unit 6Case Study 1. Nonverbal Behavior Analysis Matrix.Dr. Rafael López
Bonus Track 1Physiology of Emotion.Dra. Gabriela Castillo
Bonus Track 2Evolution in Emotion Research.Dr. Miguel Ángel Pérez Nieto
Course 2Facial expressions of emotions.ALAN CRAWLEY
Apr 10 - May 01
Unit 1Introduction to Facial Expression.Dr. David Matsumoto
Unit 2Emotional Process and Basic Emotions.Dr. Rafael López
Unit 3Facial Action Coding System (FACS) (I).Prof. Andreson Tamborin
Unit 4Facial Action Coding System (FACS) (II).Prof. Andreson Tamborin
Unit 5Facial Displays: from Emotions to multiple messages and states.Prof. Alan Crawley
Unit 6Case Study 2: Microexpressions Training Program.Dr. Rafael López
Bonus Track 1Facial coding systems..Dr. Fernando Gordillo
Bonus Track 2Facial Expression of Cognition.Dr. Rafael López
Course 3Gestures, proxemics, prosody and other channels of expression.ALAN CRAWLEY
May 01 - May 22
Unit 1Gestures 1: History, Taxonomy and Inferences.Prof. Alan Crawley
Unit 2Gestures 2: Neurocircuity, Gestures and Speech relationship.Dr. David Matsumoto
Unit 3Postures, orientation and body movement.Prof. Rocío Viñambres
Unit 4Proxemics.Dr. Rafael López
Unit 5Prosody.Dr. Rafael López
Unit 6Case Study 3. Nonverbal Communication in Security: Keys to Intent.Dr. Rafael López
Bonus TrackAppearance.Prof. Rocío Viñambres
Course 4Non-Verbal Communication in the professional environment.SILVESTRE CABEZAS
May 22 - Jun 12
Unit 1Non-verbal Communication in Labor Relations and Public Speaking.Prof. Rosa García Campayo
Unit 2The Role of Nonverbal and Emotional Communication in Effective Leadership.Dr. Ronald E. Riggio
Unit 3Silent messgaes in the Doctor-Patient Relationships.Prof Antonio Domínguez
Unit 4Nonverbal attunement: detection of intimacy and relationships.Dr. Fabian Ramseyer
Unit 5SAVE Metaprotocol.Prof. Silvestre Cabezas
Unit 6Case Study 4. NonVerbal Communication in EducationDr. Rafael López
Bonus Track 1Nonverbal Communication in Psychotherapy.Prof. Alan Crawley
Bonus Track 2Non Verbal Communication in Conflict Resolution.Dra. Yirsa Jiménez
Certificate in NonVerbal Communication